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Watch Highline Park Design Thumbnail

Highline Park Fly-Through Animation Design Video

Watch Highline Park Design Thumbnail

Highline Park Design Video

Watch Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy

Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy Video






Flansburgh Architects

Flansburgh Architects is a nationally recognized, Boston-based architectural firm specializing in the programming, planning, and design of academic, civic, and residential projects. The firm has received over 80 awards for design excellence and completed approximately 250 educational projects for primary, secondary and post secondary school clients, located throughout the United States and abroad. Flansburgh Architects has always been guided by the belief that well-designed buildings can improve the quality of our lives. A strong respect for context, a commitment to sustainability, an eagerness to learn, and a close, collaborative working relationship with our clients are fundamental to our design approach. This holds true whether we are restoring an historic building or creating new architecture. We are a recognized sustainable design leader. An in-house "Green Team" was established in 2001 to raise the level of awareness throughout the office and promote the use of sustainable technologies and methods. It is our hope that by bringing thoughtful options to our clients, sustainable design strategies will be considered.