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Watch Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy

Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy Video

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Highline Park Fly-Through Animation Design Video

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Cool Melbourne (Australia)

Cool Australia is your one-stop info-shop for all things environmental, inspirational, practical and sustainable. Full of facts, we are the eco-link between science and our community, businesses and schools. Cool Australia explains global warming and environmental issues in plain English. We promote the great green stories happening in Australia and help you to find out the challenges we face and what people are doing to get us back on track. Australian's are embracing a low-impact lifestyle because it is the smart, cool and healthy way to live. It makes us feel connected to our neighbours, family and friends. If we work together we can build a city that is cleaner, fairer, safer and happier. Get involved – post your success stories and events to inspire and encourage us all.

What’s on Cool Australia? Cool Australia features the latest environmental information from our city and overseas, plus daily weather and water updates: Our Cool School: the leading online environmental education resource for teachers and students around the country. Our environment: learn about all the eco-facts. Videos: watch the best videos from YouTube. News: catch up on the latest eco-articles in the papers. Green jobs: search for green work. Resources: need to know more? We've got all sorts of information to help you and your family work towards a cleaner and greener future. How to Help: want to know what you can do? We've got heaps of green tips on everything from food to transport to shopping to pest control. Events: check out dates for environmental action across your state. The blog: read what the brightest minds say on the biggest issues. Community, schools and business: read inspirational stories from our neighbourhood, and add your own.