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Highline Park Fly-Through Animation Design Video

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Highline Park NYC Video

Watch Highline Park Design Thumbnail

Highline Park Design Video






The Urban Times

The brain-child of a group of environmentally conscious knowledge-addicts, The Urban Times is a pioneering online magazine that was launched in the summer of 2010. We aspire to be a premier news and media platform with an ethos rooted in optimistic forward-thinking. Our mission is to actively improve the world, our only home, for ourselves and for the generations left to come. Knowledge is the key, but pointless unless shared. As an educational soapbox for the Built Environment, Community, Technology, Media, World Events and Politics, The Urban Times dedicates discourse to a panoply of topics worldwide. To achieve our ambitions a spirit of collaboration must permeate all we do, online and off. We hope to bring interactivity to a new level stimulating greater efficiency and effectiveness. Combine this with the next generation of thought leaders and innovators and we know we are onto a winner.