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Druk White Lotus School (India)

We are an award-winning project, inspired by the vision of His Holiness the 12th Gyalwang Drukpa, a spiritual leader of Ladakh. Our school offers an education that grounds students firmly in their own culture and equips them to thrive in the modern world. The campus is designed as completely sustainable with sola rpower, passive design, composting toilets and many other efatures. The school is located in Shey (the ancient capital of Ladakh) about 30 minutes' drive up the Indus Valley from the main town of Leh. Students study Bothi (the local language), English and Hindi languages, plus sciences, social studies, creative arts and sports. They learn life and livelihood skills, including team work, presentation skills, leadership and problem solving through formal and co-curricular activities. The school is known locally as ‘Druk Padma Karpo Institute’ (‘Padma Karpo’ means ‘White Lotus’ in Bothi) and is named after Mipham Pema Karpo (1527-1592), who is revered as a great scholar.