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Watch Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy

Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy Video

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New Buildings Institute (USA)

New Buildings Institute (NBI) is a nonprofit organization working to improve energy performance of commercial buildings. We work collaboratively with commercial building market players—governments, utilities, energy efficiency Columbia Gorgeadvocates and building professionals—to remove barriers to energy efficiency, including advocating for advanced design practices, improved technologies, public policies and programs that improve energy efficiency. We also develop and offer guidance to individuals and organizations on designing and constructing energy-efficient buildings through our Advanced Buildings® suite of tools and resources. While NBI is working to achieve net-zero energy buildings—those that meet all power needs through renewable resources—we recognize that they are not easily attainable today. The good news is that buildings with significantly better performance than current standards are possible. NBI’s current efforts are working to provide the policy and program direction and promote design practices and technologies that will result in buildings that are better for people and the environment. NBI works nationally with offices located in Washington State—White Salmon in the Columbia River Gorge (pictured above) and Vancouver.