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Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy Video






Energy CAP (Fee-Based)

Utility bill tracking software

EnergyCAP is an online solution that offers extensive reporting, charting, and graphing tools that help to pinpoint the trouble spots in your utility usage. Small businesses with less than 50 utility meters are recommended to utilize a consulting solution that still gives full access for a low monthly service fee, and large companies can use the solution directly.

Track any commodity, level and type of bill detail in EnergyCAP. Includes TreeView navigation, memo and message system, and can track standard and deregulated bills (separate LDC/supplier charges). EnergyCAP makes it easy to enter and retrieve information for any commodity (electric, natural gas, propane, oil, water, sewer, steam, refuse, recycling, telecom, etc.) and any number of accounts, meters, bills, and bill details. View each account’s cost and consumption history in graphical or tabular format, easily compare fiscal year, monthly, or annual summaries, and calculate greenhouse gas emissions.