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TckTckTck (Global)

TckTckTck is an unprecedented global alliance, One of over 10,000 events in nearly every country on earth organized by TckTckTck partners and supporters in 2009representing hundreds of millions of people from all walks of life, who are united by a desire to see a strong global deal on climate change. We are made up of leading environment, development, and faith-based NGO's, youth groups, trade unions and individuals, and we are calling for a fair, ambitious and binding climate change agreement.

We have united people from all walks of life and nearly every country on earth, to tell our leaders that we need a bold climate deal, now. As we all know, world leaders failed to act at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen last December. This was despite the unified voice of civil society, backed by over 15,000,000 people from nearly every country on earth who are demanding action. We accomplished a lot in 2009, and the mission continues as we look towards the next ways of getting a climate deal.

This site, TckTckTck.org, is the hub for mobilizing civil society support for an agreement on climate change. We are continuing to build the world's biggest mandate for change, to show our leaders that people are ready for bold climate action.