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Shift House Blog

from Root Design Build

The Shift House sits on a plateau above Hood River and boasts panoramic views of two mountains: Mt. Hood to the south and Mt. Adams to the north. The project is located on a busy street, and in order to shield the residents from the traffic, the program was separated into two buildings. The main house, containing all the living spaces, was set back 70 feet from the street, while an auxiliary building containing a shop and garage were placed directly off of the street.

This blog documents the construction of Shift House, with photos and descriptions.

Root Design Build provides services in the Portland metro area, as well as in the Columbia Gorge. Our goal is to create beautiful spaces that are healthy, efficient, supportive of the local economy, and good for the planet. We implement our principles on a wide scale, from custom homes to large additions and small remodels. The projects come in a variety of sizes and styles but the integrity of the spaces and the level of craftsmanship are always at the highest level.