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Energy Star National Building Challenge 2010

Fourteen buildings from across the U.S. are going head-to-head to work off their waste and reduce their energy use the most to win EPA's first-ever National Building Competition. From a skyscraper in New York City to an elementary school in the mountains of Colorado, these teams from around the country are working hard to slim down their energy use. Check out our gallery of the 14 contestants and learn more about each facility's energy savings efforts. Follow your favorites to find out which team flexes their energy muscles the most and takes home EPA's top prize in October 2010!

Of course it’s not fair to compare these buildings directly to each other, so they will be judged on the percent reduction they achieve in their EUI. A building that reduces its EUI by 15% will do better in the competition rankings than a building that reduces its EUI by 6%, even if that building’s EUI was lower to begin with. EPA will also adjust this percentage to account for changes in weather to ensure that no building is credited or penalized due to changes in weather over the course of the competition.