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Moosicorn Sustainable Home Blog (Eastern, Washington, USA)

Scott and Alex Mueller… with Sadie the dog.... are building a sustainable dream farm and sharing their journey here with you. You can learn more about what they are doing by visiting the website. 

This webiste chornicles everything that the Muellers are doing, and includes costs in US dollars.

One example of their efforts: the solar array is installed over the septic field so that they clear less forest, and the panels are located closer to the ground where there is easier access. They also can avoid running over the drain field with the tractor if solar panels are poking out of the ground as obstacles.

Mission: Our mission is to build a more sustainable life for ourselves and to share it with others. To do so we will: 1) Build a personal home, gardens, and lifestyle that sustains the earth. 2) Support a retreat for others to visit and learn how we did it and what doing it does for the soul. 3) Enjoy!