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APPER Solaire (France)

Solar heating and hot water for do-it yourselfers

APPER Solaire is an association for the promotion of renewable energy sources. Its motto is "solar within everyone's reach." APPER helps do-it-yourselfers in France in their construction and their solar heating and / or solar hot water

APPER (Association pour la Promotion des Energies Renouvelables) works primarily with solar thermal energy because ithey see it as the technology that requires the least expense for the citizens and also as the most lucrative for the planet (solar energy is free). Solar thermal energy has the additional advantage of not being dangerous because it is a 'soft' energy it can be safely touched and is easy to install.

A very important principle endorsed by APPER is: do-it-yourself.

To assist with solar do-it-yourself projects, APPER provides many resources, including:
- a forum for debate
- books such as Install a Heater or a Solar Water Heater and Install Your Own Solar Electricty
- group purchasing of bulk solar products and materials that helps lower costs
- practical tips
- trainings and conferences
- calculators to compare performance of different solar products and costs
- a report on auto-installation
- clean energy demonstrations
- a map that shows the ditrbution of members, as well as directory of chapters across France
- general information on solar technologies, with images and descriptions
- and many more