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Watch Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy

Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy Video

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Highline Park NYC Video

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Highline Park Fly-Through Animation Design Video






Zero Emissions Race (Global)

This is not a race about speed. This is a race to make the planet greener and a better place to live for future generations. This is a race to make small, efficient vehicles popular. The team with the smartest, most efficient, most reliable, most usable and most popular concept will be the winner. After departing in August 2010, four teams with solar cars will travel 80 days using only renewable energy - solar and wind for the 2010 race.

Competing vehicles in the Zero Race are required to: * be propelled by an electric motor * drive at least 250 km distance at an average speed equal or above 80 km/h * be able to reach a maximum distance of 500 km per day, with a recharge stop of 4 hours during Lunch time * carry at least two passengers