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EcoSense House (Vancouver Island, Canada)

Eco-Sense is a home, a lifestyle, a work ethic and a design for life created by Ann and Gord Baird on Vancouver Island, in the Pacific Northwest, Canada. Eco-Sense believes that a home and all its systems should mimic the beauty and function of the natural world. This approach creates safe and sustainable living solutions while not taking precious resources away from future generations. And Eco-Sense is North America's FIRST code-approved seismically engineered load bearing insulated cob house featuring: solar PV and wind power, grid intertie, solar thermal heating, rainwater harvesting from a living roof, composting toilet, grey water re-use, and passive solar design. Through the work at Eco-Sense we hope to challenge our culture's consumer desires and encourage people to make changes so they too can live "a reasonable life".