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Randall Stout Architects (California USA)

Incorporated in 1997, Randall Stout Architects, Inc. (RSA) is a Los Angeles-based architectural, interiors, planning, and urban design firm, with award winning national and international projects. Under the direction of Randall Stout, FAIA, RSA has designed numerous buildings that are recognized as prominent architectural icons within and beyond their respective communities. Not only do they aesthetically embody the ethics and values of the clients they serve but they also engage the public with uplifting forms and spaces that incite curiosity and respect. The firm’s broad range of project types includes museum, academic, civic, commercial, industrial, and recreational facilities. RSA takes great care in creating forms that are inviting and artistic without being static. Light, shadow, form, and materials all contribute to shaping a dynamic architecture that heightens one’s awareness of space and sense of discovery: the sequences of rooms and views emphasizes the experience of the building rather than the display of form. Users are not a passive audience on a staged set but actors in their own unfolding space. Although our work is unquestionably contemporary in nature, we do not have a singular style. We prefer to express the uniqueness of each site, its regional context, and client objectives in the design. These expressions tend toward abstraction, allowing individual interpretation and meaning. Collectively our buildings contain a narrative that expresses optimism about our culture, technology, and arts, evidencing their place in the 21st century.