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Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy Video

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Ontario Solar Academy (Canada)

Become certified in Solar Panel Installation by taking Ontario Solar Academy's five-day intensive training course. With this solar education, you can launch a new career installing solar PV panels.

Ontario Solar Academy is Canada’s only ISPQ-accredited solar training institute (as of November 2010). Our courses meet the highest standards in safety, installation, and design, and we provide Ontario-focused instruction to help you successfully navigate the Canadian Electrical Code, microFIT program, and FIT program. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, you can learn how to safely and efficiently install solar PV technology, whether you are a professional contractor, homeowner, or business owner. Ontario-Specific, NABCEP-Based Solar Education Our Ontario-specific five-day training program carefully explores the province’s feed-in-tariff (FIT) program, microFIT program, and Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) to ensure that you understand all of the regulatory and financial considerations that go into professional solar installation.