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Solaris Synergy (Israel)

While nearly 100% of the world's solar energy systems are land-based, land resources in many regions worldwide are rapidly dwindling. At the same time, most of the sun energy hitting the earth falls on water surfaces. As such, "solar-on-water" systems represent an environmentally-friendly and economically beneficial opportunity for leveraging unutilized water surfaces across the globe. Recognizing the potential for harnessing "solar-on-water" energy, Solaris Synergy has developed its initial groundbreaking offering – a solar-on-water power plant. Based on proven, patented cooling technology, Solaris Synergy's offering converts any water surface into a cost-effective and reliable solar energy platform. The unique solution enables public- and private-sector owners and operators of water resources to lower capital and maintenance costs, increase revenues, and enjoy a return on investment (ROI) within just a few years.