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Solaris Positive Energy (France)

Active energy office building

Solaris Positive Energy is an innovative project par excellenceit is a reproducible green office building with positive energy. Solaris already stands as the benchmark for the future RT 2020 sustainability framework. The initial idea was to erect a building which generates more electricity than it consumes. That goal has been achieved, as Solaris will achieve positive energy status in terms both of kWh-boe and hard cash. To achieve such high performance, SERCIB has formed a multi-disciplinary team of outstanding experts, including architectural design by the “Architecture et Environnement” practice, thermal, static and thermodynamic design offices, and economics and innovation consultants. Solaris is a concept that can be reproduced on demand for units of 5,000 sqm. In the present case, the Clamart municipality will take delivery of the first Solaris green building. Key figures : * 31,000 sqm. * 4,223 sqm of solar roof panels. * 120 geothermal probes going down to a depth of 100 m. * The structure comprises two separate buildings, A and B, each with a surface area of 15,000 sqm. * Average module size of 5,000 sqm. * Average depth of modules: 18 metres. * Floor clearance: 2.70 metres. * 882 car parking places, 90 places for motorcycles and 100 for bicycles. * 1,000 sqm of interior gardens. * Terraces on upper floors.