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GreenBuilding Progamme (EU)

In 2004, the European Commission initiated the GreenBuilding Programme (GBP). This programme aims at improving the energy efficiency and expanding the integration of renewable energies in non-residential buildings in Europe on a voluntary basis. The programme addresses owners of non-residential buildings to realise cost-effective measures which enhance the energy efficiency of their buildings in one or more technical disciplines.

In a pilot phase in the years 2005-2006, the GreenBuilding infrastructure was set up in ten European countries. In each participating country so called National Contact Points were established for aiding organisations, which consider participation in the GreenBuilding Projekt.

On this central project website you will find links to the websites of the ten National Contact Points and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC).

Becoming a GreenBuilding Partner involves the following four step process: 1. Energy Audit of the organisation's building(s), which are to participate in the GreenBuilding Programme. 2. Setting up an Action Plan, defining the scope and nature of the measures for improving the building's energy efficiency. 3. Approval of the Action Plan by the National Contact Points in cooperation with the the EU Commission. 4. Execution of the Action Plan, report to the National Contact Point.