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ISEAMI (Costa Rica)

ISEAMI is a foundation that seeks to enrich and promote investigation and the development of activities that favor the local communities as well. We aim toward contributing to sustainable development in Costa Rica, and to set worldwide standards regarding models of sustainability, social projection, environmental protection, and responsible eco-tourist development. Also, as a goal, we intend to implement the use of %100 clean technologies, solid waste disposal separation programs, as well as reuse and recycling policies. As a solution to wastewater management and treatment, we intend to install bio-reactive tanks and digesting microorganism tanks.

The word Se`ami is from the native Costa Rican indigenous Bribri tongue, and it translates into "Our Mother" as in, our mother earth. Each letter in ISEAMI stands for what the projects philosophy represents: I - INSTITUTE S - SUSTAINABILITY E - ECOLOGY A - ART M - MIND I - INVESTIGATION