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Sol Design Lab (Texas, USA)

The mission of Sol Design Lab is to create interactive and inspiring solutions for urban sustainability. Our services offered include ecological design, fabrication and consulting, ecological public art installations, Green Mapping, carbon foot printing and educational workshops. Members of Sol Design Lab have received international commissions, awards, and press and give regular lectures and workshops. Our Goal To provide innovative solutions to climate change to create healthy & fossil fuel free communities.

About the SolarPump
The SolarPump re-purposes vintage technology to demonstrate the possibility of transforming unsustainable products into part of a green future. The nozzle on a reclaimed vintage gas pump has been replaced by a standard electrical outlet, and the underground gas tanks have been replaced by a solar panel roof. Other gasoline-era automobilia have been bent and welded into furniture. Our charging stations have been successful conversation-starters by inspiring dialogue about the shift of oil dependency towards renewable energy and by demonstrating sustainable transportation options.