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The Green Way Up (Australia)

Chuck, Oscar, Justin and Bob - somewhat goofy guys from Australia - are driving from the bottom of Australia to the top of Europe without filling up at a petrol station...

The expedition is our major project for 2011. Its going to be a 30-country, six-month adventure where we use waste oil, grease, animal (and even human) fat to power our vehicle. The ultimate goal is to avoid filling up at a petrol station. It's going to be a journey of epic proportions and we're not sure we'll be sane at the end of it all. When we're not hunting for oil to power the next leg of our journey, we'll be looking at people and businesses on all sorts of scales that are moving in leaps and bounds toward a more sustainable, cooler future. Bin juice, frog shoes, party plants. The thing they have in common? It's stories like these we'll be covering along the way, and we'll be sharing, linking, tweeting and posting it to all of you young and young at heart from live by the road. Follow/like us to follow our journey. We're going to be filming this for a 6-8 part TV series for free-to-air and cable TV and are very fortunate to have acclaimed television Producer Jo Melling from The Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor and By Any Means with Charlie Boorman.