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Indoor Air Quality Building Education and Assessment Model

The Indoor Air Quality Building Education and Assessment Model (I-BEAM), released in 2002 by the US Environmental Protection Agency, is a guidance tool designed for use by building professionals and others interested in indoor air quality in commercial buildings. I-BEAM updates and expands EPA's older Building Air Quality guidance and was designed to be a comprehensive state-of-the-art guidance for managing IAQ in commercial buildings.

I-BEAM contains text, animation/visual, and interactive/calculation components that can be used to perform a number of diverse tasks.

With I-BEAM you will be able to: Improve indoor air quality (IAQ) within budget; Refine your maintenance program for IAQ; Better manage housekeeping services for IAQ; Conduct an indoor air quality building audit; Train management and staff in indoor air quality; Provide documentation that the building is following IAQ building practices; Reduce liability exposure to indoor air quality complaints; and, Improve the marketability of the building and rental space