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Utility Trac (Fee-Based)

Audit, track and analyze utility usage in buildings

UtilityTrac™ enables the user to audit, track and analyze utility usage in order to better understand the impact on energy consumption, identify energy conservation opportunities, track carbon footprint, and apply for ENERGY STAR® certification.

Features include: * Comprehensive tracking of any commodity and level of bill detail * Facilitates fast, easy and accurate bill entry * A set of almost 50 audits that check bills for various problems with user-defined sensitivity settings * Automatically updated PowerViews presents usage, cost, demand and unit-cost trend charts * Calculates the cost avoidance attributable to energy management projects adjusted for variables in accordance with the U.S. Department of Energy's whole building method of energy savings measurement and verification * Provides weather analysis reports with normalized energy usage * Benchmark and compare similar buildings' usage and costs by square foot and A read-only web portal for users/client to access their utility data * PowerViews and reports.

One-time subscription with a monthly per-meter charge.