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Energy Demand Calculator (Czech Republic)

Calculate heat loss, gain, consumption using spreadsheets

The calculation method is based on the delivered energy needed under standard indoor and outdoor conditions. The basic process of the calculation is divided into two stages: * Calculation of energy demand (calculated on the standard use) of the building, or its zones; the calculation of heat losses, and heat gains, required in each space in order to maintain specified internal conditions; * Calculation of energy consumption (building, zones, according to the energy demands); the calculation of the energy required by the energy systems (boilers, AHU units, DHW systems, lighting, etc.) needed to provide the necessary heating or cooling, or humidity control, etc.

The calculation method is based on the simplified dynamic calculation in MS Excel workbooks. The energy demand can be calculated from monthly, daily, and hourly simplified values. Hourly calculations better represent the complexities of HVAC systems (mainly because of cooling) performance.