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Roanakh Designs for Solar Electricity

Step-by-step guide to designing a solar power system

Roanakh.com is a practical and complete resource site for designing your PV/Solar Electric system. An easy to use, step by step guide along with a database of all the components required with their properties and embedded calculations will guide you to build your system. If you are an experienced designer or a novice to PV system design, you will find this site invaluable.

Here you will find all the resources, information and tools to design your PV system. This site has two sections, an information section and a design section that allows you to design your PV system interactively using simple drop down menus and carefully guided hints and directions to design the optimal system for your requirements. you will also be able to estimate total costs of the key components of the system. There are options for designing:

  • grid-tie system
  • grid-interactive system
  • standalone system