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Sustainsia (California, USA)

At Sustainsia, Inc. we offer an environment to enhance productivity and creativity: a tiny prefab building less than 120 sq. ft. Our efficient, one-of-a-kind buildings feature fine craftsmanship, modular design, and curvy construction. Our mission is to provide eco-friendly buildings with style, that look fantastic in any setting. Sustainsia was founded on the principal of sustainability in all respects, and the principal that this begins with making smart choices about how we work and live.

Architect, Thomas Biggs, with Biggs Group Architecture, designed the unit to be the ideal workspace for people who telecommute. Features that this type of user love, are integrated into the design, so once the units are finished, all they really need to bring to the space is their favorite ergonomic office chair. Biggs teamed with furniture maker, and Yoga instructor, Tony Carr, to add some furniture touches that add functionality and style to the furniture elements. The unit design holds a bench, that can pull out into a futon bed. It has unique, overhead, lift-open cabinets whose doors continue the curved contour of the ceiling. In addition, a work surface can be added to the space via the Murphy Table unit, which was inspired by some of the tables found on sailboats. The leaves and support of the table simply fold out of the wall, and in less than a minute, voila!, you have a conference table, or dining table ready to use.