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Sun Light & Power (California, USA)

Sun Light & Power is a solar power integrator based in Berkeley, California and in continuous operation since 1976. We offer Total Energy Solutions™, providing our customers with smart, cost-effective energy packages that combine solar electricity (photovoltaic) and solar water heating (solar thermal), along with energy efficiency and conservation. Our team of award-winning solar engineers brings superior quality, the latest techniques and a passion for problem solving to each energy solution. The company embodies a strong sense of commitment to promoting alternative energy sources, improving the environment and maintaining customer-friendly attitudes.

Sun Light & Power's custom installations are exceptionally engineered and meticulously executed. We have over 30 years of experience engineering and building solar electric (photovoltaic), solar water heating (solar thermal) and solar pool heating systems, which means no guesswork and more worry-free kilowatt-hours over time. Our team of award-winning solar engineers delivers superior quality, technique, and passion for harnessing the sun’s power.

Since 1976, Sun Light & Power has created innovative solar solutions for commercial and residential projects with both solar electric (PV) and Solar Thermal (hot water and pool heating) applications. With one of the industry’s best engineering departments, even the most complex projects are completed on time and on budget.