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Neo Solar Power (Taiwan)

Neo Solar Power (NSP) was founded in December 2005 and is a leading solar cell manufacturer specializing in research, development, and manufacturing of high efficiency solar cells. NSP's management team consists of inter-disciplinary experts in semiconductors, electronic systems, silicon raw materials, solar cell processing, and solar energy system engineering. As the pioneer of combining semiconductor manufacturing discipline and seasoned solar technology development, NSP aims to become major contributor to bring solar energy a competitive energy source for the mankind.

In order to produce environment-friendly products, as well as create the environmental performance, NSP promised to improve the energy-saving efficiency, without using the banned substances, and to strive for saving each type of energy. We will carefully select the raw materials and suppliers to reduce the pollution to comply with international major manufacturers' requirement for green products.

NSP has a passion for advancing photovoltaic technology that will bring the competitive energy source for mankind. NSP will contribute its technical expertise to make this passion a reality. Being an active member of the global solar energy industry, NSP has been working with world photovoltaic solar energy leaders in technology collaboration and supply chain management. With current intensive industry-wide efforts, we believe photovoltaic solar energy will become a competitive energy source by 2015. NSP wishes to be a key contributor in the process. NSP's corporate vision is to become the most efficient provider of photovoltaic solar energy to the world by delivering the highest efficiency cells at the most effective cost. This vision calls for technology and manufacturing excellence, and impeccable supply chain management. NSP's corporate culture fortifies the spirits of integrity, innovation, and creating value for customers. Being a lasting business concern, we believe that integrity, innovation and creating value for customers are essential for the long-term success of the company.