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Information Based Architecture (Netherlands)

Currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with a subsidiary in Guangzhou, China, IBA works on both large and small projects in Europe and Asia. Its full portfolio embraces all scales, ranging from urban master planning to architecture, private houses, and furniture design.

IBA can be typified as both 'experimentaL' and 'progressive'. It constantly attempts to extend the boundaries of artistic design, while also introducing the newest digital technologies. IBA was therefore also short-listed in 2002 for the Young Architects of the Year Award in the United Kingdom. And received several endorsement grants from the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.

Mark Hemel and Barbara Kuit are the founding partners of Information Based Architecture. Mark & Barbara are both dutch designers and have worked together for more than 15 years. They started their practise IBA in London, UK.

IBA believes in personal artistic design. We'd love to design your house, villa or place of work. We work worldwide. We use new State of the Art computer technology to design better, more exciting, and more beautiful spaces. Unique but functional architecture, is what we believe in. Integrating structural and environmental aspects with the artistic. IBA strives towards coherence, the kind normally only found in nature. We want to make a fresh start in bettering our cities with sustainable architectural objects and spaces that have an long term value