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Envest II (Fee-Based) (UK)

Environmental Impact Assessment and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Buildings

Envest 2 is a web-based software tool that simplifies the otherwise very complex process of designing buildings with low environmental impact and whole life costs. Envest 2 allows both environmental and financial tradeoffs to be made explicit in the design process, allowing the client to optimise the concept of best value according to their own priorities. Designers input their building designs (height, number of storeys, window area, etc) and choices of elements (external wall, roof covering, etc).

Envest 2 identifies those elements with the most influence on the building's environmental impact and whole life cost and shows the effects of selecting different materials. It also predicts the environmental and cost impact of various strategies for heating, cooling and operating a building. Having made comparisons between different buildings and specifications, designers can graphically demonstrate the environmental and financial credentials of different designs to clients.

Envest 2 produces detailed and summary information that is readily transferred to the users own template to create a bespoke environmental report for a building. Environmental data may be presented as a range of 12 impacts, from climate change to toxicity, as well as a single Ecopoint score, for ease of communication, especially in comparison with costs. Costs are measured in £Sterling according to Net Present Value, discounted at 2002 Treasury rates or a discounted rate set by the user.