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U.S. Green Chamber

The U.S. ´╗┐Green Chamber, a membership organization, provides an arena for businesses, investors, governmental, and nonprofit organizations to connect under a rapidly growing network. Building relationships between these like-minded, eco-conscious members boosts local and national exposure, business-to-business opportunities, and profitability. Our membership directory provides a resource center for anyone looking for specific green services that would otherwise be much more difficult to find. Members are also given a variety of opportunities to boost exposure through sponsorships of events, advertising opportunities in newsletters and publications, and more.

At the U.S. Green Chamber, our goal is to facilitate and support sustainable business, which spurs innovation, job creation energy efficiency and an overall brighter economic future.

The U.S. Green Chamber empowers businesses to grow through achieving the triple bottom line - economic, environmental, and social sustainability. We help both established and emerging companies improve operational efficiency, implement environmentally-sustainable practices, and tap into unexplored markets and opportunities.

Whether your company is already green or interested in learning how to get there, the U.S. Green Chamber is for you. Our members include those offering green products and services, as well as companies and individuals in other industries who are committed to operating sustainably. We will help you network and develop partnerships with other members who can share solutions and best practices, connect you with important resources, and teach you the nuts and bolts of reducing waste, conserving energy and water, and preventing pollution—all with an eye on the triple bottom line.