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Western Science Center and Museum (Hemet, California, USA)

The Western Sceince Center in Hemet, California's mission is to:
* Advance knowledge of the region's natural history and cultural heritage, with an emphasis on the importance of water to life in the context of environmental change over time
* Convey to students and the general public an appreciation of science and mathematics as essential for understanding the natural world, human cultures, and how the two interact; and
* Play a leading role in meeting the challenge to build a sustainable future for people and their environments in California and beyond.

Permanent exhibitions at the Western Center Museum highlight the discoveries at the Diamond Valley Lake site that range in age from 230,000 years ago to the present. Nearly one million paleontological specimens and archaeological artifacts found at more than 337 prehistoric sites form the core of the collection. A sampling of these are on exhibition in the permanent galleries.

The Western Science Center building, built in 2006, is one of the most advanced eco-friendly facilities in California. The 17-acre campus is part of the Water + Life Musem project, designed by Lehrer + Gangi Design + Build of Los Angeles.