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Solar Heat Exchangers (South Africa)

Solar Heat Exchangers (Pty) Lttd. is a one-stop shop in South Africa for various solar thermal technologies. The term 'solar thermal' describes a technology used for harnessing the suns (solar) energy for heating (thermal) purposes. So whether you are looking for a single or multiple resedential applications, or a large scale solar thermal project solution, Solar Heat Exchangers (Pty) Ltd has the products, expertise and years of experience to meet your every need.

Solar Heat Exchangers (Pty) Ltd has been designing, manufacturing and installing solar thermal systems in Southern Africa since 1987. The company sells proven quality brands of solar water heaters, solar air heaters, solar swimming pool heaters and solar heat pumps including various system components and accessories. Over the years, we have strived to improve the efficiency of our operating systems and expand our product range according to market demand. We have hence developed a long standing reputation for technically superior products as well as a professional customer service reputation to match. Solar Heat Exchangers (Pty) Ltd are today a leading Southern African specialists in large scale and residential solar thermal systems.