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Energy Grid IQ (USA) (Fee-base and FREE)

Location-based database of energy projects & incentives

Find and fund energy projects. EnergyGridIQ (EIQ) is a powerful and comprehensive location-based database of energy projects and thousands of energy incentives offered by federal, state and private sources. EIQ also provides an alert service for new RFPs and opportunities, and targeted local advertising. In addition to geocoded incentive data, EIQ offers extensive additional geocoded datasets including weather, market prices, and client data such as energy consumption.

The overlaid datasets on EIQ’s unique map interface provide a powerful tool to manage energy decisions. EIQ founders and current team include energy industry and deregulated market veterans, data scientists, technology and mobile experts and literally NASA rocket engineers.

Some access to information FREE; for example, local and national incentives and the ability to enter up to five buildings into the database for tracking on the EIQ map interface. Monthly subscriptions get access to much more information.

On EnergyGridIQ you can view your portfolio of buildings on a map interface. Geographical layout provides immediate understanding of trends across portfolio. The system benchmarks your building against federal, industry and sectoral datasets providing valuable insight into your building’s operational profile. Exceptional location awareness ensures accurate decisions, pin point targeting for your marketing communications and precision customer engagement