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Alpha Ventus Wind Farm (Germany)

Germany's first offshore wind farm Alpha Ventus generates more power than expected. While the first half of 2011 was disappointing for onshore wind farms, the constant and strong winds on the open sea over most of 2011 produced more than 190 gigawatt hours of electricity. The Alpha Ventus consortium, consisting of the utilities EWE, E.ON and Vattenfall, reported that the wind yield was around five percent higher than had been expected for this period.

Alpha Ventus is the first German offshore wind farm constructed on the high seas. The pilot project is located some 45 kilometres from the coast of Borkum and provides fundamental experience in the construction and operation of an offshore wind farm. Twelve 5-megawatt class wind power turbines are operating at the alpha ventus test field: six AREVA Wind M5000 turbines and six REpower 5M turbines, resting on two different foundations. Whereas the AREVA wind turbines stand on tripods, the REpower turbines are mounted on jacket foundations in a water depth of 30 metres.