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BP Solar

BP Solar has been in the solar industry for almost 40 years’ as f November 2011. Whether you’re interested in a solar energy system for your home, business or utility, BP Solar offers high quality solar panels and can offer complete large-scale solutions – whatever your energy requirements might be.

As a result of many years of technological research, development and testing by some of the brightest minds in the PV industry, BP Solar modules set a high standard in reliability and durability. We test our panels well beyond industry standards, with some tests exceeding the standard by up to 250%. In a 2010 study commissioned with the independent lab of TÜV Süd, only four out of the top 12 solar manufacturers passed BP Solar's reliability & durability tests. BP Solar panels also have one of the lowest rates of power degradation. Over a 25-year period, third party testing has proven that BP panels degrade at a low rate, resulting in improved energy yield and increased return on your investment over time.