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Bright Harvest PV Design (Oakland, California, USA)

You give us an address and tell us which PV module you are using. We create a model of the roof, complete with shading obstructions, using high resolution satellite and aerial imagery. We then add two PV module layouts based on your preferences. In one to two business days, you get an accurate, concise report with the site information you need to successfully complete the project.

What You Get
We create two module layouts: your target system size and a maximum size showing all possible module locations on the roof. This gives you flexibility to answer your client's questions about alternate module placements and to evaluate the feasibility of different system sizes. You get two drawings for each layout.
1. A drawing with roof, array and setback dimensions. These can be used to expedite your final on-roof meaurements before proceeding to permitting and construction. System details showing tilt, azimuth, module counts, DC and AC system size. Our premium report also includes detailed shading analysis and kWh production estimates. 2. A non-technical illustration of each option, suitable for your sales presentation.