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Princeton Solar Solutions Awarded 464 kW Solar Project at East Amwell Township School

Princeton, NJ - Princeton Solar Solutions, LLC (PSS) was recently awarded a 464 kW solar project located at East Amwell Elementary School. The installation will be a fixed tilt, ground mounted system on two acres on Wertsville Road adjacent to the Elementary School. Approximately 1,900 photovoltaic modules (solar panels) will provide approximately 95% of the school’s electrical consumption.

PSS designed the system keeping the Schools’ current and future needs in mind as well as shading and site considerations. The system is expandable as the School’s electricity needs increase. The ground mounted system will be completely shielded from Wertsville Road with new trees and landscaping berms. Construction will begin early 2012, pending approvals, and is scheduled to be operational late Spring 2012. PSS will be responsible for utility interconnection requirements and procurement of all material and equipment.

The East Amwell Township School District is becoming a local leader in renewable energy by committing to this project. The ground mounted system can be easily visited by students as they learn about solar power. PSS will include a monitor display connected to the monitoring system for the East Amwell School District to display which will report real-time data on the status of the system. This display will be an excellent interactive public community outreach tool for the school to utilize, promoting the East Amwell Township School District’s commitment to renewable energy production. Viewers will be able to monitor the electricity being produced, the savings generated, and equivalent environmental benefits instantly.

PSS is a full service renewable energy EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) company involved in solar, wind and biomass energy systems, globally. In addition, PSS’s client services include Operations and Maintenance monitoring upon project completion. PSS offers a wide array of solar applications for any project size including solar thermal, concentrating solar power (CSP), structural solar such as carports and parking garage space frames, as well as traditional ground mounted and rooftop solar systems. Please see the company website for additional information: www.PrincetonSolarSolutions.com. Inquiries can be sent to info@PrincetonSolarSolutions.com.