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Sunflare Solar Lanterns

As a professional manufacturer of solar products, we can offer good quality solar lantern, solar system, etc. with very competitive price. Our products have been exported to many countries with good reputation. Many NGOs, UNDP in Pakistan, India Government, many big companies are our clients. 

We mainly produce two types of solar lantern: Solar Lantern SF-1 and SF-2, Solar Lantern SF-1, with two brightness settings, integrated 0.3W solar panel, ultra-light ultra-portable lamp, multiple-setting handle allows flexible usage, protection from over-charging. The SF-1 is the world's most affordable high-quality solar lamp, and is a bright and durable replacement for kerosene lanterns. Solar Lantern SF-2 , with four brightness settings, smart battery indicator LED, weather resistant, robust circuitry for long-life performance, deep discharge and overcharge protection, no installation required, mobile phone charging.