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Terry Baxter Potter Architect

RESUME of Terry Baxter-Potter

My experience over more than fifteen years as a registered architect includes a wide variety of projects, clients, and regions of the country ranging from designing houses to precinct master planning, from new construction to complex renovation and addition projects, including the modernization of occupied buildings. It includes developing project budgets ranging from the tens of thousands of dollars to the tens of millions of dollars. I have made presentations to university committees, university classes, school boards, and community groups. My experience has given me the opportunity to solve all kinds of problems. I have extensive 2D and 3D AutoCAD experience and free-hand drawing. Design problems, construction issues, budget items, and personnel issues; I have dealt with them all and learned to adapt, evolve, and change over the course of my career. These included code issues, design issues, and security issues. I am a registered architect in Nebraska, Indiana, and Michigan. In addition I hold National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) certification and I am a LEED Building Design + Construction Accredited Professional.

My responsibilities with Washington State University, Capital Planning and Development, over the last five and a half years included planning studies, building design, selecting external design consultants, monitoring construction, preparing RFP’s, preparing and monitoring multi-million dollar budgets, and coordinating with other in-house professional staff. Through my work I have dealt with many departments and colleges on campus. I was a principal player in the preparation of the 2011- 2013 Capital Campaign Report for WSU to the State of Washington, and also worked on the 2009- 2011 Capital Campaign Report. This included writing descriptions of proposed projects and developing project cost estimates. My construction projects have included the Clubhouse at WSU’s Palouse Ridge Golf Club, Stadium Way Lighting, Horticulture Greenhouse Replacement, College of Engineering and Architecture Precinct relocation study, and Knott Dairy Center Expansion Study among others. I also served on the WSU Sustainability and Environment Committee and co-authored the WSU Climate Action Plan. For the last three years I have worked with professors and students on sustainability projects around WSU and Pullman. I have been a guest lecturer in university classes on the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

I believe that building and maintaining a facility to last one hundred years or more is crucial to the long range goals of any innovative and award winning company or organization. There should be flexibility in the floor plan and in the environmental and security systems to make changes over that time span. That is one of the reasons I have been interested in sustainable design throughout my career. During the past ten years I have been on sustainability design teams leading and participating in charettes on sustainable design. While employed at Fanning/Howey Associates, Inc. I was an original member of the sustainability team, co-authored a report on sustainable design that recommended corporate actions, and was the first LEED Accredited Professional in Indiana.