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Plasma Technologies (Macedonia)

The Centre for Plasma Technologies – PLASMA D.O.O is a private company, established in March 2004 in Macedonia by its three founders including CEO Dr. Ilija Nasov. Plasma specializes in coatings and absorbers for solar-thermal collectors. PLASMA has ten staff as of February 2012, including PhD, engineers, scientists, technicians and outside scientific collaborators. The Centre for Plasma Technologies – Plasma D.O.O has established knowledge in the fields of materials surface treatment. As an industry-oriented R&D Centre, PLASMA D.O.O is pooling competencies in the areas of thin film deposition and coating application, specializing in advanced surface engineering techniques to enhance material properties for a wide variety of applications.

The aim of the Centre is to provide various types of surfaces with new or improved functions and, as a result, help create innovative marketable products. The coatings and layers are specifically developed for applications including wear and corrosion resistance, medical applications, solar energy, food industry etc.

The Centre for Plasma Technologies – PLASMA D.O.O produces solar selective PVD coatings that can be deposited on three types of absorbers for solar-thermal applications: Compact aluminium absorber for Flat-Plate Collector Absorber for CPC (Compound Parabolic Concentrator) Absorber for PTC (Parabolic Trough Concentrator) The commercialised solar selective absorbers and tubes for the absorbers are fabricated by Physical Vapour Deposition – PVD technology. The PVD coatings are spectrally selective for solar radiation with high solar absorbance of about 95% and low thermal emittance of about 5%.