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Shawn Bradley Retired NBA Star Goes Solar

Solar for the Stars...and the Rest of Us.

Former NBA Star 7' 6" Center Shawn Bradley shares why he goes solar.
One NBA star has made the decision to do more than just think about green and solar, and shares with RealGreenWorld why he goes solar. A VIDEO interview was shot in September 2011. Dennis Duce of RGW and Sol-Ice Engineered Systems interviewed Shawn at his Utah home:

Why Did Shawn Bradley Install Solar?
The main reason is that it finally made sense. With the new incentives and the prices on photovoltaics dropping through 2011, Shawn realized now was the time to take advantage and install solar on his home in Utah. "It did not make sense when I built the home three years ago but things have changed, and after meeting Adam from SolarTek I knew it was time to move forward on something I had always wanted to do."

How Well Has His Solar System Worked?
Shawn was very animated when he was asked this question! "I love the monotoring, in fact I look at it every day!" He is happy to see how much money it is saving him and how much it is helping to protect the environment.

Was This an Environmental Issue Only? Shawn was clear to point out that if this did not make sense for both the environment and the pocket book he was not going to move ahead with it. These days solar works as a financial investment and this is one that the Bradley family felt made sense for both the ECOnomy and the ECOsystem.

Can Solar Work For "The Rest of Us?" As we talked about his experience he pointed out that he has friends and family members that do not have the same resources at their disposal. After learning about Shawn's system and looking into it for themselves they have found that Solar made sense for them also. With all of the changes in pricing, the economy and rebates solar now makes sense for all ends of the economic spectrum. Shawn recommends "contact SolarTek or a similar company near you to learn about solar. Once you take the time to understand it you will see it makes sense for almost everyone."

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