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Sol-Ice Engineered Systems (Utah)

Solving Ice Dams

Ice dams are a massive problem in high altitude snow areas. Sol-Ice manufactures its building-integrated ice dam solutions for areas all over North America. Their product is so efficient at heat transfer that the same product has been used on the south side of building to create Solar Thermal Energy. They have also been able to power their Hydronic ice dam solution with solar panels - something that can not be done with a heat cable based electric system (with or without extruded aluminum.) Sol-Ice Engineered Systems SubHydroMelt is the ONLY product ever installed and powered 100% by solar power (as of March 2012).

VIDEO of the Sol-Ice building-intergated solar thermal systems 

The SubHydroMelt and SubDynoMelt products are building-integrated (concealed under the roofing materials) and are completely invisible all summer long. They are also more efficient because they use the shingles or other roofing materials to help transfer the heat over the entire roof area instead of just a small line created by typical heat cable. The transference of heat through Sol-Ice's patent pending HeatSyncPan helps to reduce the amount of energy used. Their electric ice dam solution uses 7.5 watts per square foot, Our Hydronic Ice Dam remedy uses only .75 watts per square foot (once converted from BTU’s to Watts based on the cost of electricity and Natural gas in Utah this could go up or down depending the the cost of utilities in your area.)