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Engensa (UK)

Solar Panels Installation Company

Engensa is a solar panel installation company covering the South West of England, providing home owners with a way to not only cut their electricity bills but also make money, too. With solar panels, our customers can expect to see a tax-free, index-linked return of 9-10% each year for 25 years and Engensa makes sure that the switch to solar power is as simple and pleasurable as possible.

Engensa was set up by a team of solar advocates (including PV PhDs and Wind entrepreneurs-turned-solar fans).

Solar24 is a product from Engensa that automatically diverts excess energy produced by your panels to your immersion heater for later use, cutting the cost of heating your water with gas by around 10 percent. Engensa estimates the technology will create additional savings of £50 to £60 per year (in the UK). These savings will rise with energy prices and you should expect to save more if you use oil or electricity for water heating.

Engensa’s approach to solar equipment is quite simple; we offer the best there is. We’re not tied to a specific manufacturer and we thoroughly vet all our products based on real industry expertise. We offer a limited selection of products to cater to all types of PV system, but whichever equipment we use, we don’t compromise on quality.