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Tangerine Power (USA)

Community Supported Energy

A locally-driven platform for households, businesses, nonprofits, and governments to make their own energy and make their lives more healthy and prosperous in the process. Since its founding in 2009 its team has been connecting communities all over the country together to make their goals of a safe, secure energy supply come true. Tangerine is community-powered - which means your buying power and your earnings potential get stronger every time a local household joins its growing network of Local Energy Harvesters.

Tangerine Power's current offerings include:

Tangerine Bushel Deals: For people who want to go solar as a Community. The Tangerine Power Bushel program delivers bulk deals on home solar power systems through a group buying program. The Tangerine Busheltm program is a platform for you and your community to launch a solar buying deal. If you can get a minimum of 10 ready buyers together to go solar all at once, you get discounts on your own solar system and cash rewards for you or your organization. We do the hard work of selecting the best products in the industry, and vetting the highest quality installers in your area to join our network. Then we negotiate generous discounts for you. You and your neighbors choose Tangerine Power and then spread the word about your program! You can even make money for you and your sponsoring community group. We keep track of members who’ve joined your Bushel group and requested solar evaluations, and the number of installations completed. You become a local energy entrepreneur!

SunSlice Deals: For people who can't put solar on their house. Our SunSlicetm remote solar purchase program lets you put your solar panels on another property and earn the financial benefits they produce. SunSlicestm make solar easy and affordable for you to get into for a fraction of the cost of traditional home solar. You can put your solar panels on another property and reap benefits like they were on your own home. No longer are price, shading, limited roof space, or not being a home owner an obstacle to being part of the solar revolution. We choose a great location for a larger solar grove, based on: Great solar output Highly visible location Access to the electric grid Community needs Community members purchase a SunSlicetm in the solar grove for as low as $1,000. When you buy a SunSlicetm you help fund a solar installation and paid for the energy generated from your portion of a larger solar array. Tangerine Power pays you for the electricity your SunSlicetm generates. Tangerine is responsible for purchasing, installing, and maintaining the solar grove on your behalf. You own your slice of the sun and see the rewards year after year!