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Earl Energy (USA)

Portable, remote renewable energy systems

Earl Energy delivers innovative, reliable, off-grid power solutions to industrial customers. We integrate high performance renewable power generation, energy storage, and power controls with traditional diesel generators to dramatically decrease operating costs through reduced fuel consumption, maintenance, and hazardous emissions.

Maritime Rugged, reliable, hybrid power generation for workboats and ocean going vessels.
Offshore Clean, efficient, dependable new build and retrofit power systems for offshore platforms.
Terrestrial Cost-effective, mission-critical power for onshore oil & gas, mining, and construction customers.

Earl Energy is a power and energy systems engineering and product development company with a unique capability to integrate high-performance energy storage, power generation, and power conversion technologies to deliver significant energy, maintenance, and emissions savings to government and commercial customers. Our products are specifically designed for off-grid markets – at sea and in remote locations where reliable electrical power is critical and expensive, customers are reliant primarily on diesel power generation, and our solutions are economically compelling without subsidy.