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CMMI Architecture (Atlanta, USA)

CMMI offers a unique blend of architecture, interior design and renovation expertise, with sustainable "green design" capabilities. Since 1987, it has been serving a variety of hotel, multi-family, resort and senior living clients. With a long history focused exclusively in hospitality design, the firm understands lodging trends that impact all stakeholders, including owners, developers, operators and guests. The experience firm emphasizes distinctive details that make every property special.

CMMI has completed more 400 projects, ranging from the 30-room lodge at Primland to a 600-room convention hotel. The vast majority of these developments are classified as either “Luxury” or “First Class”, based on the standards established by Hotel Business Magazine.

Our design teams are organized within three studios of architects and interior designers. Studios focus in the areas of architecture, interior design and renovation, as directed by principals and team leaders. This structure allows one team to carry a project through all stages of design, documentation and construction with an exceptional continuity of service. Principals and Team Leaders work within their studios to set the functional and aesthetic direction of each project to ensure that every design solution meets clients’ expectations. Although each studio has a distinct personality, there is an unmistakable common thread … creating extraordinary experiences for exceptional people.