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The Solar Foundation (USA)

The Solar Foundation is an independent national 501(c)(3) nonprofit working to demonstrate the global benefits of solar energy through research and education. Founded in 1977 and based in Washington, DC, we are increasing the widespread adoption of solar energy and transforming the marketplace through our coordinated public education & outreach efforts, high-level data collection, and innovative research.

Our objective is to be on the front-lines, catalyzing solar markets, and helping people recognize the value of solar as a clean, renewable energy source that promotes greater use of domestic energy resources. We believe that solar energy is a key part of our energy future and is unique even among other renewable energies as a source of wealth creation for individuals, communities, homeowners, and entrepreneurs in all fifty states and across the world.

For more than 30 years, we have worked to promote and expand the use of solar energy as a clean, sustainable, and secure way to meet global energy demand. We have a proven track record of producing high-impact policy studies that have not only helped to directly advance the use of solar energy in the U.S., but have also provided valuable lessons for other emerging solar markets worldwide.