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Solar 2013 (USA)

National Solar Conference – 16-20 April 2013 in Baltimore, MD

SOLAR 2013 opens April 16-20, 2013, at the Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland. The American Solar Energy Society(ASES) presents America’s longest-running solar conference series, now in its 42nd year. The National Solar Conference is America’s leading conference on the emerging trends, technologies and opportunities shaping the new energy economy.

SOLAR 2013 is specifically targeted to in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry. The National Solar Conference is the premier professional gathering of renewable-energy scientists, engineers, architects, contractors, utility personnel, government agencies, advocacy groups, local permitting authorities, financiers, project developers, students and educators. Join hundreds of professionals in the renewable market to learn about the changing solar industry, preparedness for extreme weather, changing end users, professional education, networking, career development, and business development.