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Solarei Contemporary Passive Solar House (New Zealand)

The brief was to design a three bedroom passive solar energy efficient family home on a medium scale budget ($400,000 NZD) which would passively self-heat during winter, self-cool over summer and used green materials where the budget allowed. The annual energy use is around 3200kWh’s which is picked up by a 3.2 kW grid connected solar panel system ($16,000 NZD). Internal temperatures peak at 24⁰ during later afternoon mid-winter. The house is oriented due north to maximize solar gain and take full advantage of the low angled winter sun which passively heats its internal concrete slab floors and walls. The house collects rainwater for drinking, uses untreated Lawson Cyprus timber for exterior cladding, untreated macrocarpa timber for interior shelves and architraves, natural bio-paints for the interior finishes, reduces water consumption through water efficient white wear and uses wool/polyester composite insulation.